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I hope you can find everything you need.  Located in Swan River Plaza, Rte 134 S. Dennis, MA, Hands of an Angel Massage Therapy is focused on providing therapeutic massage at affordable prices.  In this frenetic world we live in, taking time to listen to your body and reduce tension and stress is essential. Call 774-722-5615 to book your appointment today!

Relaxation massage
Unwind and let go with this soothing massage that will melt away your worries and stress.

Deep Tissue massage
Utilizing deep finger and elbow pressure, this kind of massage really works out those knots in your muscles!

Pre-Natal massage
Motherhood is sacred, and massage during pregnancy is a wonderful way to take care of your body while you are taking care of the body growing inside of you

Combination massage (stretching and energetic work included)
This massage is hand tailored to whatever your body needs at that moment. Stretching, some reflexology, cranio-sacral, reiki, all combined with a therapeutic massage that will leave you feeling like putty.

Hot Stones
A truly relaxing and warming experience. Warm stones are used in conjunction with the hands to massage away tension and soothe tired and sore muscles.
$85.00-1 hr
$115-1 1/2 hr

Tension Tamer
30 mintues of foot reflexology and 30 minutes of head/neck/shoulder massage will leave you feeling balanced and rejuvinated.

Massage and Sugar Scrub Combo
A truly indulgent experience, allow for 80 minutes of relaxing massage coupled with a hydrating and exfoliating sugar scrub that will delight the senses.

Choose from a selection of essential oils to add to your massage. Relax and breath in wellness and peace!

$40-1/2 hr
$70-1 hr
$100-1 1/2 hr

15% off any regular priced massage for Teachers, Law enforcement officers, and those serving in the Armed forces

$45 for 60 minute massage
Monthly client discount rate

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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